Friday, 18 October 2013

The Last Stretch

So here we are, on the eve of the Throne of Skulls and I'm pleased to say that everything has now been painted! I'm busy packing everything away ready for the weekend, so I won't waffle on, but instead I'll just share a few more pictures of the last couple of units and a couple of army shots. 96 days ago I bought my ticket for the tournament, and I've managed to paint 91 models since then - extremely good going for someone who only normally manages to paint around 100 models in a whole year! 

Anyway, on to the pictures - first up, the Eternal Guard and accompanying BSB (with my ham-fisted attempt at last-minute freehand on the banner)

And the two Great Eagles (aka The Suicide Pigeons), which I speed-painted in about six hours last night.

Finally, a couple of army shots to finish off, showing every model I've painted for the tournament and nicely displayed (although a little out of context) on one of my Moria boards, which conveniently happened to be the right colour for the bases (you just have to avoid all questions of what Wood Elves are doing underground...)

And just to finish off, I thought I'd share some words of encouragement I received today from my sometime-partner-in-crime, Gary of G's Spot fame:

Requiem for the tree huggers........

This weekend he'll see the light
See that those Tree Huggers are shite
Dead they'll be by Daemon and Orc
No more will they talk the talk
The suicide pigeons are going down
Barbecued on a burial mound
As Chaos Warriors, Ogres and all
March on to glory
When the Wood Elves fall.

Thanks a bunch...


  1. My poem gets published!!!!!!!

    Now put it in a better colour scheme so I can actually see and read it!!!

    Look forward to reading about Day 2 of the tourney. That poem was not so much a work of creativity but a prophesy by the look of Day 1!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. You shouldn't need to read it, you wrote it so should know what it says! It's not my fault your eyesight's failing in your old age :P