Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nearly There!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, but I've been spending all my spare time busily painting everything up ready for the tournament next weekend, and have left no time for blogging! 

On a positive note though, I am pleased to report that the painting has progressed well since the last update and, at the time of writing, I have just two models left to finish painting (the Suicide Pigeons aka Great Eagles). 

So, time for some photos - first up, the two units of ten Glade Guard with Musicians.

And now, the first of the two characters - my Spellweaver.

Next up for photographing are the Eternal Guard and BSB, who I've finished painting tonight. I'll take some pictures of those tomorrow and post them up as quickly as I can! 

I've now got six days to paint the Eagles and complete all the bases (by adding snow effects and magnets), and I'll hopefully have enough time to put together a simple display board and possibly knock up a couple of army lists (any tiebreaks on points are decided based on the quality and presentation of army lists!)

I'll hopefully get a big update posted at the end of the week before I head off to the tournament. 

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