Monday, 10 June 2013

A Trip to the Old West

I mentioned in my Partizan post that we've been playing Dead Man's Hand recently, and that I had wanted to pick up a gang of my own at the show last week. There are four "official" gangs available from Great Escape Games specifically for Dead Man's Hand, but Gary had already bought (and painted) all four sets by the time Partizan rolled around. While they are very nice and characterful figures, I didn't want a duplicate set as my own gang, so I had a look at some alternative figures for use in Dead Man's Hand. Artizan Designs do some very nice Old West figure sets, and luckily for me there were several retailers at Partizan who were selling these sets. So, here follows a quick look at those figures I bought, and managed to get painted in time for last Thursday's game of Dead Man's Hand...

The whole gang - DMH uses a "Rep" (or Reputation) value as a points system for the game,
and all the official sets consist of 7 models with an overall worth of 21 Rep
First up, the Sheriff. Officially, the figure is one of the Earp
brothers, but I'll come up with my own names eventually
The Deputy Marshall - another Earp model
And the final Earp brother
The first of the Pinkertons, armed with a rifle. 
Another Pinkerton, again with rifle
And the final Pinkerton
The only non-Artizan figure in the gang, this chap is actually from Foundry. Although
the model is a bit chunkier than the Artizan figures, he doesn't stand out too much

So there you have it - the Lawmen ready to deal out tough justice and hot lead to all those varmints and critters plaguing the Old West. I had originally wanted to focus the gang entirely around the Pinkertons (Artizan make two different sets) but I could only find the one variant pack unfortunately. That meant the Earps stepped in at the last minute to provide the additional lawmen I needed. The Foundry figure isn't really a Lawman (he's technically a cowboy) but he's suitably generic-looking to be included. The only downside of making a gang up this way is the lack of any shotgun-armed figures. Each of the official gangs has one model with shotgun, and they are horribly brutal in game (provided they don't get shot up first) so I'll need to find a suitable model at some point so as not to leave myself at a disadvantage! 

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