Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dreadball Redux! Two (and a bit) weeks later!

Well, September 30th has been and gone, and with it the Dreadball Kickstarter I talked about in my last post. If you didn't jump on the bandwagon (why not?!) then you missed out!

In the end, the Dreadball Kickstarter raised a whopping $728,985 (that's £453,456 in real money...). When you consider that the original funding target was just $20,000, that's a massive 3645% of the target.

What did that $728,985 funding do, exactly?

Well, it has not only funded the release of the initial Dreadball game (comprising of two teams, Corporation and Marauders, the game board, dice, rulebook and everything else you need to play) but it has also funded all of this:

~ A grand total of 12! Dreadball teams, each with the full compliment of 16 players and with Prone Markers for each team
~ A huge 22! MVPs/Special Characters, including three Limited Editions only available via the Kickstarter
~ Season 2 Dreadball Expansion, adding rules for league play, extra teams and more MVPs
~ Season 3! Dreadball Ultimate, adding yet more teams, more MVPs, multi-player games and multi-hex mega-players
~ Cheerleaders, Coaches and Keeper figures for each team.
~ Exclusive Kickstarter Dreadball T-Shirts, Dreadball Dice, and Dreadball Bags (courtesy of Battlefoam)

OK, when you list it like that it doesn't look like a lot, but you just have to take a look at the Kickstarter page (here) to see how much it all adds up to. The Kickstarter alone has effectively funded the next two/three years for this game, although I doubt funding will stop there! The amount of models being produced for the game on the basis of the Kickstarter alone is almost enough to equal the entirety of GW's Blood Bowl range, and I doubt that this will be all that Mantic produces for Dreadball.

So what did I get out of all this free advertising?

Well, in the end, I caved to temptation and upped my pledge. I won't put the exact value on the slim chance that my other half is reading () but suffice to say that my swag bag is bulging, and my "hobby budget" is emptied. Winging their way to a house in the Midlands will be:

~ Dreadball Season 1 Rulebook (and additional PDF copy), Season 2 PDF Rulebook, Season 3 PDF Rulebook
~ Pitch - Mounted Card Gameboard, Game Cards, Dice, Counters and Limited Edition Kickstarter Counters, Roster Pad
~ Free Ticket to Dreadball event at Mantic HQ
~ 'Creating Dreadball' Digital Book
~ RefBot and 2 Balls
~Trontek 29ers/Corporation team (14 players) and Prone Marker
~ Greenmoon Smackers/Marauders team (14 players) and Prone Marker
~ Midgard Delvers/Forge Fathers team (14 players) and Prone Marker
~ Skittersneak Stealers/Veer-myn team (14 players) and Prone Marker
~ 20 MVPs/Special Character figures (including 3 Limited Edition)
~ Signed Cover Art Print
~ 48 Hex Bases
~ Judwan team (10 players) and Prone Marker
~ Nameless team (10 players)
~ Teratons team (10 players)
~ Asterian team (10 players)
~ 2 Female Corporation figures and Prone Marker, 2 Robot figures and Prone Marker, 2 Z'zor figures and Prone Marker, 2 Zees figures
~ "Nameless Spawn" Multi-hex figure
~ Limited Edition Coach Renton figure

...and I think that's everything! A grand total of 135 figures, plus everything else. The only "downside" is that delivery will be spread over the next 9 months as they produce all the figures, but all the Season 1 stuff (everything I need to play the game, plus the first four full teams) will be here by Christmas!

At least with the deliveries spread out, it gives me a slight chance to paint things before the next batch arrives. In theory anyway!

Right, now I'm off to appease She Who Must Not Be Named and butter her up before the first shipment arrives and the inevitable questions begin...



Wish me luck....


  1. Good luck!

    Sounds like you're getting a real bargain, the fact delivery is so spread out is probably for the best. What's it worth for me not to tell your better half ;)


    1. Ha! I'm sure she'll find out eventually Matt, with or without your help! But her birthday's coming up soon, so I might have a chance to win her over ;)

  2. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me (famous last words). Are you going to the Derby show this weekend? Myself and a few of my henchmen will be attending on Saturday (hopefully) so if you plan to provide me with bribes (chocolate, figures etc.) we'll be hanging around there - looking dodgy.

  3. Undecided at the moment. I want to, but whether I'll be able to is a different matter. If I go at all though, it'll be on the Sunday because of work on Saturday. Of course, after buying all this lot, I don't really have any pennies left to spend!

    Are you looking for anything in particular this year, or just having a browse?

    1. i rely on the highly complex "Woo new shiny, shiny, must buy!" technique of shopping at shows. Actually looking for a few flags for a secret long term project (well, it's actually for a War of 1812 idea I'm working on). Medieval (13th C) stuff, siege eqipment, wagons is always on my list and will probably buy some bits from Crooked Dice not Blake 7, not Captain Scarlet etc.

  4. More stuff to paint, sir! I considered pitching in some coins for Dreadball as the rules (particularly the support for 3+ teams in one match) looked interesting, but in the end I'm not sufficiently keen on the models to abandon Blood Bowl. Though you have reminded me that I need to paint my Orc team. Bugger.

    1. Yes, more stuff to paint! A bit bad, considering I don't paint enough of the stuff I've already got...

      I'll admit I'm taking the models on faith - I'm keen on the *concept* of them, but as most of them have yet to be produced, how keen I'll be on the actual figures (when they show up) is yet to be seen. It definitely doesn't mean I'll be abandoning Blood Bowl though

      As for the rules, I'll be getting digital PDF copies of all three seasons (Season 3 is the multi-player rules I think). Want me to fling a copy of each your way?

  5. Would appreciate that indeed. Had vague ideas of using existing BB minis with the Dreadball rules if they were interesting. Could easily slot a board in the figure case without adding much bulk.

  6. OK, will do. Not sure what sort of release dates we're looking at, but I'll give you a shout when the time comes.