Thursday, 25 October 2012

Back from the Dead!


Just a quick post to reassure everyone that I am still alive, and this blog is still kicking. I moved house a couple of weeks ago and it's naturally taken a fair few days to settle down, and also to get an internet connection established (not helped by BT's tardiness in actually sending us the kit...)

Anyway, I'm (mostly) settled down now and I'm pleased to report that I now have a dedicated hobby room all to myself! And here, there's no danger of me being turfed out whenever we have guests over because a) we have other spare rooms to put guests in and b) we're never having guests anyway (because I'm a miserable old git). What's even better is that I now have more than enough room for my hobby desk, plenty of storage and a 6'x4' gaming table!

Along with this brand spanking new hobby room has come a renewed enthusiasm for hobby things. Those of you who've read my previous posts will notice that there's not actually been any sort of modelling posted since late August and there's a reason for that - namely, that I haven't done much of anything. That will (hopefully) soon be remedied, because I reckon I've done more modelling since the beginning of this week than I have in the entire two months prior to now. Some of you might remember way back in May last year, I started assembling the first box of Perry Miniatures' European Mercenaries (which you can read about here). Well, this week I've finally got the second box out (as well as the unassembled remnants of the first box) and started assembling the rest of them. I've now got just over 40 pikemen assembled (including two Command groups, so I can field two units of 20) and I've got a bunch more handgunners and some crossbowmen on the go. I'll get some pictures taken and put up soon.

In other news, my younger brother is planning on coming to stop for a few days next week (it's half term, so he doesn't have school and, like all school kids, he wants to spend as many days as possible avoiding homework) so I'm busy planning all sorts of hobby activities and games we can get up to. This is mostly revolving around Lord of the Rings games, and I've got plans for us to build (or at least, start building) a Moria-themed gameboard for our Dwarfs and Goblins to fight over. We'll see if any of my plans come to fruition next week.

Until then, ciao!

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