Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Derby World Wargames

Yet another post with no pictures I'm afraid. Still no painting done, and the painting den is still nowhere close to up and running.

So I'm going to talk about something else hobby-related. This coming weekend (1st & 2nd October) is Derby World Wargames, presented by the Derby Wargames Associates and held at the University of Derby Kedleston Road campus. The last time I went to this show was probably at least five years ago, simply because I've not been able to make it each time. Things are about to change though!

I'll be heading up to the show on the Sunday (2nd Oct), and I've already compiled my shopping list:

Coritani/Magnetic Displays ~ Basetex: Brown and Green

Ironclad Miniatures
~ Victoriana/Steampunk

~ Dr Who stuff

Magister Militum
~ Lead Adventure Steampunk

West Wind Productions
~ Saxon Archers!

Ainsty Castings
~ Pirate Ship

Coritani/Magnetic Displays is a must-visit (???) if I want to get my Napoleonics finished. You might remember how I forgot to buy the Basetex I needed at Alumwell way back in March; well, I still haven't bought any so now is the ideal opportunity (and it saves me having to mess about with buying it over the internet). It will mean I can finally finish off the bases for the Napoleonic figures I finished earlier in the year, and it will mean I have enough to use for Napoleonics I'll paint in the future.

Ironclad Miniatures and Magister Militum will be cautiously optimistic visits. I have no idea whether they'll be carrying their Victoriana/Steampunk lines and I'm not sure which, if any, I'll be buying but a few of us at the club have been toying with the idea of a Victoriana campaign. The recent articles by Tim Eagling in Wargames Illustrated discussing his 'End of Empire' rules resparked the interest among us (or me at least) so I'll be seeing what these two companies have to offer, as well as having a look round for others.

Heresy Minatures have long been a favourite of mine, but I've never actually bought any! With the interest in Victoriana/Steampunk spiking again, what better opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and introduce the Doctor and co! It means we'll be able to shake things up a little by introducing a sci-fi element to Victorian games (Cybermen in 1880s London anyone?) and it means I finally have an excuse to buy those long-coveted Dr Who miniatures!

Yet again, I'll be visiting West Wind to see if they finally have some Saxon Archers for me to buy. For two years running, they're not had any so this time, I'm going to get there early and have a look. Otherwise, I'll have to take it as a sign that I should really paint the Saxons I already have before buying more....but that can't be right, can it?

Ainsty Castings will be another optimistic visit. I've heard through the grapevine that Ainsty will have the Dixon Miniatures pirate ships for sale at Derby, but whether that will turn out to be the case is another matter. It all depends whether Ainsty can get them ready in time. Ainsty do also do a line of "Professor What" products that include a "Constabulary Communication Cabinet" (or Police Phone Box....) though, so I might pick some of those up to accompany other purchases...

Anyway, that's yer lot. I'll report back on how the show goes (with pictures! If I remember to take the camera...) after the weekend. In the meantime, I have another post planned on a completely different subject this week so keep your eyes peeled...


  1. Would be interested to see that Dixon ship if you get it and to get some measurements!

  2. Yep, it's on my priority list. Just got to hope that Ainsty bring them. In the meantime, you can have a look at the preview images that were posted up if you want measurements mate