Thursday, 17 February 2011

Two Blocks of Skaven and a couple of Orcs...

And that's not all! A fair bit of progress has been made this week...

Da Warpath CCUP

The two Orc models I'm donating to the Crazy Community Unit Project are now assembled and have undergone minor conversion:

All that's left to do is sculpt footprints on their shields - that's the symbol for the CCUP medal (give to all participants) so I thought it would be quite fitting to model it on the figures themselves.


Been doing quite a bit of work on the Skaven this week. First up, I've assembled and undercoated 65 Clanrats (there are 15 more in this batch, but I've not finished spraying them yet...).

They've been undercoated using Army Painter "Vermin Fur", which has turned out more orange than brown. Still, it will hopefully do the job. It's taken nearly two whole cans of spray to get these 80 done (probably used too much on them...) and I don't have any more of it right now, so the rest of the Clanrats will probably be undercoated with "Leather Brown" so will be the same colour as the...


 The standard IoB model - nothing special, but I quite like the 'aggressive' pose as is.

I've also assembled the Ratling Gun I got cheap off eBay (can't remember whether I've mentioned this before - if not, I am now!). I'll probably put this aside to paint at the same time as the other weapon teams.

I've also pretty much finished conversion work for the BSB:

Not the best photo, but hopefully you can see the changes. Both arms have been cut at the elbow and repositioned (the left arm to hold the shield down to the left, and the right angled to hold the banner upright balanced on the corner of the rock). The banner itself I've left unattached - it will be a lot easier to paint that way. The shield is one from the old (metal) Marauder Horsemen box. There's still some Green Stuff work to do filling in the elbows but other than that, it's ready to go.

And finally, the Doomwheel is coming along very nicely.

Not sure how much you can see from this photo, but the wheels (and wheel rats) are done, as are the two wheel spike-thingies (for lack of a better term!) and the two pieces in the top right corner of the pic (again, I have no idea what these are called!). The only bits still to complete are the main chassis and the crew rat. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them those done by Sunday!

In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow (in about 6 and a half hours actually!), and there's one present in particular that I'm looking forward to - a copy of the Warhammer: Invasion Core Set from my better half! We're going out for dinner in the evening (after I've got home from work - *grumble grumble*) but I might be able to convince her to play a quick game once we're home and unable to move on the sofa!

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  1. Happy Birthday mate! Good to see the Skaven progressing. Like the BSB conversion, subtle but striking. I've been meaning to work on mine but then the Orc new releases hit and Da Ghostz shunted the rats out of my mind.