Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What to do next?

Well I've got plenty to pick from, that's for sure. I made a list after all, so here it is:

Dragonlords fleet - undercoated (Uncharted Seas)
Skaven army - assembled and mostly undercoated (Warhammer)
Night Goblin army - some models completed, most not even started… (Warhammer)
Tilean/DoW “army” - a couple of characters and lots of pikemen WiP, crossbowmen still to be assembled, the rest still to be bought (Warhammer)
15mm Napoleonic French - plenty of infantry and some artillery to paint (Napoleonics)
28mm Saxons - not even started (WAB; Age of Arthur/Shieldwall). I've also got a box of Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen that I bought with the intention of using them as fyrdmen...
Pirates - only about a dozen, but I want to do a bit of greenstuff work to make them more PotC-esque! (LotHS)
Bretonnian army - started repainting these about 18 months ago with a crusader theme. One unit of KotR done, the rest still to do (Warhammer)
Wood Elves - I’ve still got a ton of Wood Elf models (both old and new) to paint up and add to my current force, as well as custom Treekin and Treemen half-built. (Warhammer)
Raging Heroes minis - I bought Syl-Iriah, Asharah and Eleriel & Alaniel a while ago and haven’t really touched them yet.
LotR - The Rohan are done, but I’ve still got plenty of Moria Goblins, Elves, Numenorians and Uruk-Hai to finish
Eldar - I still have a battalion box of Eldar hidden under the bed that haven’t been touched for two years or more. I started painted them a couple of Christmases ago (completed a Guardian squad, Wave Serpent and half-painted a War Walker); I still have Dire Avengers, a Farseer, Banshees and a few other bits and bobs untouched. Not sure if I want to finish these or not being as I don’t play 40K any more…
Bloodbowl teams - I’ve got a few Human subs to finish off, a complete Orc team to finish and a completely untouched Amazon team still in the box and waiting to be painted.
Various other single models ~ Models that I bought just because they look cool, but haven’t yet got round to painting. These would make nice distractions mixed in amongst other projects to give me a break from painting the same thing over and over.

On top of all that, I’d like to pick up a Dystopian Wars fleet (hopefully Prussians) and start another Firestorm fleet in the near future. I may have forgotten a few things to go on the list as well (I went from memory, so I'm bound to have missed something).

Since compiling the list above, I've actually started assembling the Raging Heroes models after someone asked about the Syl-Iriah model over on I might do a bit of work on them while I decide which of the "major" projects to tackle next.

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