Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Toys!

It's another slow month so far and the blogging has fallen behind a bit lately, but I am slowly making progress on a few fronts! The start of our Saga campaign is (hopefully) looming so it's all about Vikings at the moment. As mentioned in the previous post, I spent some money at the recent WMMS show. Possibly for the first time ever, I was extremely focused with my acquisitions as they were all made for a single project - Vikings!

First up, SAGA dice for my Viking warband

No Viking warband would be complete without livestock to steal!

Courtesy of Magister Militum, there are six sheep,
two goats, an ox, a mule, four ducks and four chickens! 

I also picked up a couple of Saxon Houses from Timeline Miniatures

As well as a Great Hall!

Which were all remarkably quick and easy to assemble!

All in all, these should all make some pretty good additions to the Viking games (if we ever get started!)

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  1. You have to get started saga is a really fun game. Vikings are great to play still my preferred faction but the berserkers are a real glass canon.