Monday, 15 December 2014

"Mayhem in the Med" - The Great Siege of Malta: Part 2

On to part two of our Malta game! 

The Turks were making their way slowly up the street towards the town walls, although the Christians were putting up a tough fight in the streets. The Turkish galley was still waiting outside the boom chain, but the Turks had finally begun their assaults on both towers. 

From the walls, the Christians in the town could only watch as the Turks and
their North African allies began their assaults on the boom towers.

Overkill? Not with how ineffective the Turks were proving in combat...

Having cleared the elite Janissaries from the streets, the Christians now had to tackle
 the fanatical zealots dedicated to the Ottoman cause.

The siege tower trundles along as the fanatics attempt to overrun the defences

The slow progress of the Turkish advance as the Christian ships rake the shoreline with grapeshot...

Slowly but surely, the fanatics make their way up the street as the Christians fall back before them

The towers finally fall and the assaulting units rush to rejoin the main attack

The defenders wait patiently behind the walls

The Turks cram into the narrow street behind the siege tower

The galley finally makes it into the harbour!

The boom chain falls and the galley brings its prow cannon
 to bear as the siege tower finally makes it to the walls!

The Ottoman elite assault the walls... the fanatics swamp the defenders at the gates.

The defenders muster to sally forth...

...and the Knights of St. John lead the way, throwing back the Turkish fanatics.

Ultimately, the game ended with Jean de la Valette throwing back the initial tower party as well as the reinforcing unit who had previously been pushing the tower. Somehow he managed to defend the walls all on his own! Meanwhile, in the gateway, the Knights of St John defeated the fanatics and pushed them back. The town had held, although there were still plenty of Turks around. Victory to the Christians, but only just...

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