Friday, 2 May 2014

Tale of Duelling Gamers - April Review

Here's the finished product then - thirty Eternal Guard, painted up in my winter colour scheme to add to the unit I've already painted. I still have a few Eternal Guard models left to paint, but I couldn't fit them into my budget for April. I *did* try and paint them alongside the thirty for the ToDG, but it quickly became apparent that I'd struggle to paint thirty in time, let alone the forty models I'd originally planned...

A nice big block of shiny spear points, ready and waiting for their new army book!

The ten models that got left by the wayside. Maybe next month boys...

All told, I'm actually pretty happy with these - despite missing the April deadline by just under 24 hours, the reality is that I basically painted all thirty models is the space of about nine days. Of course, if I'd started working on them *before* the week before the deadline, I'd have had more time to paint them and probably wouldn't have missed the deadline at all, but we live and learn I guess! 

So what does May have in store for the Tale of Duelling Gamers? Well, the new Wood Elves army book is out tomorrow, along with the new plastic Treeman kit. The Treeman kit has certainly divided opinion, but I like it. So much, in fact, that I plan on picking up two of them...

That answers the question of what I'll be painting for the Tale of Duelling Gamers May edition; at $96 AUD, a single Treeman weighs in at just under my monthly budget ($100 AUD) so I will only be required to paint one single (albeit big...) model this month!


  1. I like the winter scheme, the deep bone or khaki lends a warmth the the elves that sometimes look to cold and evil in white and blues.cheers Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, the colour scheme is largely inspired by a Wood Elf army that was in the UK WD, shortly after the previous army book was released. A nice limited palette, and white and blue always work well together...