Saturday, 1 March 2014

The First Steps...

OK, getting the Great Repaint under way! 

I've spent the last couple of weeks prepping figures for the repaint - stripping some painted stuff, assembling some "new" stuff, rebasing stuff and undercoating (yes, the rain finally stopped!)

The first batch to face the brushes is this:

4 Dryads
9 current Glade Guard
1 old Glade Guard champion (who I'll probably use as a lesser character)
Highborn with GW
9 Eternal Guard
32 old plastic Archers

They've all been spray undercoated white, and as you can see I've painted all the bases (Dawnstone/Codex Grey). Next up, they'll all receive an all-over wash of Nuln Oil. It's not really necessary to wash them all over, but it saves me being neat! It's a nice easy job and doesn't require much concentration, which means it's possible for me to do it while sitting in front of the TV of an evening if I have to spend time with the other half (and it's also possible to do even if a cat decides it's going to sit on my lap while I'm painting, which I found out this afternoon...) 

Once these are all washed, I'll start with the proper painting. Meanwhile, I've got 15 Glade Riders lined up and ready to undercoat next, and a bunch of minis mid-assembly which I can work on at will. I always like to have several different things on the go at different stages, so that I can avoid particular jobs if I'm not in the mood and do something easier (like paint bases or wash figures in front of the TV...)

Talking of assembling minis though, I've a quandary I need some help with. It might be a bit of a long shot, but I'm calling out to all those people with a Forest Dragon model...

I'm trying to assemble my Dragon, and everything's reasonably straightforward with the exception of the right foot (pictured below). Trouble is, I just cannot work out what the correct 'angle' is for it to attach to the leg. The join isn't flush, so I can't work out how it's supposed to be positioned, and I can't work out a natural angle for the part that keeps the foot on the floor at the same level as the front foot...

So, does anyone have an example of the correct angle/position for the foot, and would someone perhaps be able to take a picture to show me how I'm supposed to attach mine?!

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