Monday, 4 July 2011

Back from bonnie Scotland!

So after a week-and-a-bit away, I'm back from my jollies after making the trek across the Wall into the uncivilised and barbarian lands beyond!

We (myself and the missus) had a good week - the weather was surprisingly dry for the most part, and we even had a couple of sunny days which was a pleasant (and most unexpected) surprise. Much sightseeing was done, including a few nice castles (to keep the history buff in me happy) as well as some fantastic scenery and wildlife.

Anyway, back to the hobby (which, after all, is what this blog is for!).

The Thursday before we set off on the jollies, I was at the club to play the fourth, and penultimate, game of our Napoleonic campaign. I'll post a detailed report of that in a seperate post, but suffice it to say for now that I was literally inches away from victory when the game ended...

Anyway, while I was at the club I also spent some hard-earned pennies. I probably should have resisted, given that we were setting off on holiday the next day, but I've never been good with temptation! After putting it off for a good six months, I finally succumbed and gave in:

Yes, I finally jumped on the Dystopian Wars bandwagon and purchased a starter fleet. The original plan (back in January) was to go with Prussians, but it seems that quite a few people at the club have started Prussian forces so I went with the second choice of Britannia. I think this has actually worked out in my favour; having waited six months, the Land forces have now been released and I much prefer the Britannia Land forces to the Prussians so I may have actually dodged a bullet!

While I was there, I also picked up a few GF9 Magnetic Bases:

 I'm hoping to have my entire Skaven army magnetised, and this is hopefully the first step. The plan is to have these on the underside of the Rat Ogre bases. They're 40mm square, so with a bit of trimming they should fit nicely into the bottom of the GW bases. The Clanrats are going to require a bit more thought as they all have slotta bases, but I'll figure something out eventually. In the meantime, I'm hoping the Rat Ogres will be simple enough to do. 

On the subject of Skaven, I'm optimistically assuming that I'll manage to paint more than the current 30 Clanrats, so I've been thinking about movement trays. Usually I just make my own, but I just happened to notice these in a corner of the store: 

I've heard good things about this kit, and for £6 I figured the time and effort saved was worth it. I've been browsing The to look at the best sizes for Clanrat units so that I can build movement trays to match, and I think so far the best size to build is 5x10 - that way, the tray can be used lengthways to maximise ranks, or it can be turned sideways to form a horde unit. I'll probably think about it a bit more before building any trays, but that sounds like the way to go at the moment.

Anyway, that's it for now. Keep an eye out for the Napoleonic battle report, I'll try and get it up ASAP!

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