Monday, 9 May 2011


Over the past few nights, I've been busy assembling the European Mercenaries I picked up at WMMS back in March. Just an hour or so over three or four evenings has seen 12 Pikemen, 8 Handgunners and a Command group assembled, so they're coming together pretty quickly. I've still not completely decided on how to paint them - I've narrowed it down to Venice or Milan. I'll probably go with Milan (as the "purer" Italian army - no foreigners for me!)

Anyway, here are a few snaps of the figures so far:

As always, click for bigger images. I've got another 6 Pikemen part-assembled, and I'll make the final 4 Handgunners as well. I'll probably assemble the second box to max out the Pikemen (another 18 for 36 in total) and make the Handgunners up to 20 (two units of 10). Out of the remaining bodies, I'll probably make up a unit of 10 Crossbowmen and a second Command group (depending on how far the bodies stretch - I've not done the maths yet!)

That's all for now. I'll be updating on the progress of the Napoleonics campaign later in the week, as well as trying to write up a Tomb Kings army book review (once I've had time to sit down and read it properly).

Until then, TTFN!

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